Subject: History, Social Studies

Lesson Length: 35 - 40 min

Topic: World War II and Women’s Identity

Grade Level: 5

Objective: Informing


Individual Development and Identity

Brief Description: Students will recognize and understand the impact women had on the developing identity of the United States as it emerged from WWII as a World Leader. 

Know Before You Start: Students should have a good understanding of the daily life of women pre-World War II.

Role of Women During WWII - Exemplar comic, panel 1

Hook: Introduce Rosie the Riveter, her origins, and what she represents. Explore the purpose of using Rosie the Riveter in propaganda.


  • Research the different jobs that women were able to do during WWII that were not open to them prior to the war. 

  • Create a 1 panel comic that illustrates a specific role women had during WWII (ex: aircraft industry).

Closure: Share and discuss student comics. What did this mean for women in the United States? How did their participation in the war effort change the identity of the United States moving forward?. 

Display student comics digitally or in print. 


  • Pre-teach vocabulary

  • Provide background knowledge of women’s rights pre-WWII

  • Allow students to work with a peer model

  • Provide sentence starters when necessary


  • Students can work in groups, pairs, or by themselves.

  • Teacher can provide a list of jobs that women held ahead of time for students to select from.

  • Example comic to print or display: Comic

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