Jordan Cotten

Lesson Ideas
from Jordan Cotten

Mom to 4 amazing kids, Instructional Tech Coach, and former Social Studies teacher. Born and raised in PA, detoured through NC during my teaching, and now back in PA working as a Coach. Love my kids, husband, and Steelers! Pixton Comics is a great way for students to dive into the material while tapping into their creative side, teachers in my district love using Pixton.

African American Spirituals

Students will learn how some African American spirituals became necessary for exchanging secret messages among fugitive slaves for safe movement along the Underground Railroad.

America: The Melting Pot

Students will become familiar with the variety of reasons different groups of people chose to leave their homes and start a new life in America.

Cause and Effect

Students will make cause and effect connections between World War I and World War II.

Checks and Balances

Students will learn how each branch of government plays a role in making sure another branch does not become too powerful using a system of checks and balances.

Conserve to Preserve

Students will identify a current global issue affecting our environment and determine a method of how the issue can be solved.

How Similar Are We?

Students will be able to compare and contrast cultural aspects of different ancient civilizations that developed around the same time.

Impact of Resources in a Region

Students will recognize and understand the impact resources have in the development and growth of their region, either locally or statewide.

Innovation Starts With Us

Students will explore different inventions and innovations during the Industrialization era and the role of these inventions in their state and/or United States.

Laying the Foundation

Students will identify significant figures and understand why their state was founded and established.

Name That Region

Students will learn how the colonial regions; northern, middle, and southern differed economically by exploring the advantages of their locations and what they exported.

Neolithic Revolution

Students will recognize and understand the impact agriculture had on culture and daily life of peoples living during the Neolithic Era.

Our First Colonists

Students will explore the first colonists who settled in their community.

Participation is Key

Students will explore ways in which citizens can participate in the democratic process in the United States.

Political Cartoons

Students will learn about the impact imperialism had on indigenous peoples and cultures from around the world.

Push / Pull Factors

Students will develop an understanding of the reasons why people leave their home and begin a new life in a new place.

Rights & Responsibilities

Students will be able to distinguish between protected rights and responsibilities as members of their community/state/country.

Role of Women During WWII

Students will recognize and understand the impact women had on the developing identity of the United States as it emerged from WWII as a World Leader. 

Show Me The Money

Students will understand the three major economic systems and explore the pros and cons of each.

The Events Leading to WWII

Students will investigate key events during the interwar years that indirectly or directly lead to World War II.

The Incan Defeat

Students will develop an understanding of how the Incas interacted with the Spanish Conquistadors.

The Jewish Plight: Interwar Years

Students will learn about discrimination, prejudice, and the attempted genocide of Jewish people during the Holocaust and the years leading up to WWII.

Think Like a Geographer

Students will explore the interaction inhabitants of river valley civilizations had with their surrounding environments and how they adapted and innovated to meet their needs.

Transcontinental Railroad

Students will understand the impact the transcontinental railroad had on the economy, environment, and culture of the United States.