Subject: ELA (English Language Arts)

Lesson Length: 1 - 2 hours

Topic: Writing Informational or Explanatory Text

Grade Level: 5

Standards / Framework:

Brief Description: Students will create a News Story comic to share information or explain a topic.

Know Before You Start: Students will enjoy researching and learning facts in order to create a news story comic.


  • Read and discuss the sample comic. 

  • Focus on how information is organized in a news story format. 

  • The comic included a clear topic sentence, a beginning, a middle, and a closing thought or conclusion. 

  • News stories usually answer the questions, Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

Activity: It’s time to create a News Story comic!

  • Have students select a topic or provide a topic for students to research. 

  • Once students have researched their topics, have them outline their news story comics on paper to organize the content. 

  • Using the sample comic as a guide, have students create their own News Story comics to demonstrate their understanding of the topic researched.

Closure: Provide an opportunity for students to share their News Story comics with others.


  • Print out blank comic frames for planning beginning, middle and end.

  • Provide a template for research (who, what, where, when, why, how.)


  • Comic to print or display: Comic.

Suggested Content Packs: