Lori Elliott

Lesson Ideas
from Lori Elliott

Dr. Lori Elliott is an enthusiastic and creative educator who is passionate about literacy, technology integration, and Project Based Learning; she has served as a classroom teacher, technology integration specialist, and literacy coordinator. Dr. Elliott is the author of several books including her most recent, Project Based Learning Anywhere.


What's the Point of View?

Students will analyze how an author develops and contrasts points of views of characters in a text.


Prove It!

Students will learn to support a point of view.


My Reading Log

Students will reflect on their independent reading selections and demonstrate their understanding of the texts by creating a comic reading log.


Analyzing Authors’ Work

Students will create a comic to demonstrate how two authors present different information about the same topic.


Visible Connections

Students will make connections between fictional texts by creating a visual presentation.


Vocabulary: Get the Picture!

Students will determine and clarify unknown vocabulary words by creating a comic version of the Frayer Model.


Passion Project

Students will create a comic to demonstrate their understanding of a selected topic of their choice. They will do some basic research for this passion project.


State Your Case!

Students will create a comic expressing an opinion with reasons to support the opinion.


Details, Details!

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the main idea and details of a story by creating a comic.


Opposites Attract!

Students will deepen their understanding of current vocabulary terms by exploring antonyms.


The Plot Thickens!

Students will examine a story to determine how the plot unfolds and how the characters change based on the plot.


Cause & Effect

Students will create a comic to demonstrate their understanding of cause and effect from informational text.


Too Many Twos!

Students will correctly use the frequently confused words to/too/two.


There You Go Again!

Students will correctly use frequently confused words there/their/they’re.


Same but Different

Students will learn about homographs and create their own comics to illustrate common homographs.


Summary Tweet & More!

Students will read an informational text article and determine the central ideas of the text.


Silly Similes

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the use of similes by creating a comic.