Subject: History, Social Studies

Lesson Length: 50 - 55 min

Topic: Spanish Conquistadors

Grade Level: 7

Objective: Explanation, Informing


Global Interactions

Brief Description: Students will develop an understanding of how the Incas interacted with the Spanish Conquistadors.

Know Before You Start: Students should have a good understanding of what conspired between the Incas and the Spanish Conquistadors, specifically, Francisco Pizarro.

The Incan Defeat - Exemplar comic, panel 1 The Incan Defeat - Exemplar comic, panel 2 The Incan Defeat - Exemplar comic, panel 3

Hook: Ask students leading question: 

  • Why didn’t the Incas fight back?

  • How could such a small group of Spanish explorers defeat a large tribe like the Incas?

Discuss student responses of the possible reasons for Incan defeat as a class.  

Activity: Have students research some of the reasons the Incas were defeated so easily by the Spanish Conquistadors. Select one of those reasons and explain its effect on the Incas defeat in 3 frames. 

Closure: Students can submit completed comics to a shared platform for display and discussion. 


  • Pre-teach vocabulary

  • Provide visuals

  • Allow students to work with a peer model

  • Provide sentence starters for discussion, research, and comic building

  • Limit researching tools (utilize one specific website)


  • Students can work in groups, pairs, or by themselves.

  • Teacher may want to provide specific websites, text, resources for students to use to research their groups (Example website).

  • Example comic to display or print: Comic