Subject: SEL (Social-Emotional Learning)

Lesson Length: 30 - 45 mins

Topic: Perseverance

Grade Level: 4

Objective: Critical thinking


SELF-MANAGEMENT: The abilities to manage one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors effectively in different situations and to achieve goals and aspirations.

Brief Description: Students will create themselves as “Perseverance Superheroes” and find a quote that inspires them to never give up.

Know Before You Start:

  • The definition of perseverance. 
  • Prepare access to motivational quotes (websites or prints) for students to use.

Perseverance Power! - Exemplar comic, panel 1

Hook: Read and discuss the following quote:  “Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.” -- Batman

What did Batman mean by his words? How does his statement connect to the word “perseverance”? 

Explain: Superheroes may not be real, but they remind us that even with super powers they still need to persevere to be successful.

Discuss perseverance. What are some people or things that inspire you to work hard and stay committed in school? (Coach them to think about people in their lives or idols). What qualities do these people have? What do you think they do when something gets hard and they want to give up?

Explain: Having perseverance isn’t just about not giving up, it’s about finding motivation and inspiration not to give up.

Activity: Using the sample comic as a guide, create a comic that depicts yourself as a Perseverance Superhero!  

  1. Find a quote that inspires you and others to never give up.
  2. Design your avatar as a superhero.
  3. Use a speech bubble to say an inspirational quote..

Closure: Print or digitally display the quote comics to be used when someone needs a Perseverance Power-up Charge.


  • Have quote examples for students to choose from.
  • Allow students to use text-to-speech option.
  • Allow students to work with a peer model.