Byron Flitsch

Lesson Ideas
from Byron Flitsch

Writer. Teacher. Traveler. Doer. Byron Flitsch is a 4th/5th grade teacher, writer and curriculum creator from living in Los Angeles. Multi-Subject Credentialed with a Masters Degree in Curriculum Design.

Be an Upstander!

Students will learn about living as an upstander and explore what they might say to someone who is bullying someone else.

Be Proud!

Students will celebrate accomplishments they’ve achieved in the last year.

Celebrate Your Peers!

Students will interview a classmate and create a comic celebrating their unique strengths and passions.

Coping With Anxiety

Students will practice different coping mechanisms that can help with anxiety.

Digital Habits Quiz

Students will take a true or false quiz to test their knowledge about digital usage and their mental health, and then create a comic showing some positive alternatives.

Gratitude Journal

Students will create a comic journal documenting what they’re grateful for.

Handling Conflict

Students will read a conflict comic and discuss conflict resolution.


Students will use comic scenarios to discuss whether or not the characters are showing integrity.

Kindness Checklist

Students will practice kindness while completing a Kindness Comic Bingo Card.

Making Smart Choices

Students will use reflection questions to learn how to make good decisions at home and in school.

My Trust Team!

Students will illustrate people in their lives that they trust and can confide in.

Perseverance Power!

Students will create themselves as “Perseverance Superheroes” and find a quote that inspires them to never give up.

Personal Traditions

Students will create comics about personal traditions they celebrate outside of school.

Rewind Your Routine

Students will organize panels in the sample comic in the order of their own morning routines.

S.M.A.R.T Goal Refresher

Students will review the meaning of the acronym of “S.M.A.R.T.” goal in preparation to write a goal of their own.

Setting Boundaries

Through prompted questions in comics, students will reflect on people and situations where they may have struggled with setting boundaries to better prepare for similar future scenarios.

The Art of Apologizing

Through this sample comic, students will learn to use compassionate words when apologizing.

The Power of Yet!

Students will explore the power of “yet” and create a “Things We Can’t Do Yet!” comic.

Visible and Invisible Me!

Students will define visible characteristics that describe who they are and then explore the invisible characteristics, or things that are unseen and felt inside, that define who they are but people may not know.

What Triggers Me?

Using comic scenarios, students will reflect on what triggers them and how to cope with those triggers.