Subject: Social Studies

Lesson Length: 35 - 45 mins

Topic: Cultural Comparisons/Ancient Civilizations

Grade Level: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Standards / Framework:

Brief Description: Students will be able to compare and contrast cultural aspects of different ancient civilizations that developed around the same time.

Know Before You Start: It helps for students to have a basic understanding of where ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, and Greece are located and why they developed there.


  • Show pictures of popular food items, slang, current clothing trends, and other items that are representative of current culture. Why do these represent our culture?

  • Discuss what people will think 1,000 years from now when they see images of these items or watch videos from our time. 

  • Read and discuss the sample comic. How were these ancient cultures the same? How were they different? How were they like our present day culture?


  • Have students select two ancient civilizations to compare and one cultural aspect to showcase. For example, recreation, communication, trade etc.

  • Using the sample comic as a guide, have students create a 3 panel comic describing a cultural aspect of two chosen civilizations and similarities to our present-day lives.

  • Panel 1: Civilization 1 & Cultural Aspect.

  • Panel 2: Civilization 2 & Cultural Aspect.

  • Panel 3: Similarities to our present day lives.

Closure: Have students share their comics with the class to compare and contrast the similarities and differences amongst the ancient civilizations and their own.


  • Use Think-Pair-Share strategy during whole group discussion.

  • Display or print out student comic expectations for reference.


  • Comic to print or display: Comic.

Suggested Story Starters: