How to Teach with Comics

Ideas for how educators can use comics and avatars in their classroom.

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Celebrate Your Peers!

Students will interview a classmate and create a comic cell celebrating their unique strengths and passions.


Coach It!- Problem Solving

Students will use key words to solve word problems involving multiplication and/or division and create a problem solving comic of their own. 


Show Me the Money

Students will understand the three major economic systems and explore the pros and cons of each.


Party Balloon Subtraction

Students will better understand addition and subtraction by solving and creating multi-step word problems.


The Plot Thickens!

Students will examine a story to determine how the plot unfolds and how the characters change based on the plot.


What’s the Ratio?

Students will define the meaning of a ratio and provide several examples using real-life scenarios.


Perfectly Proportionate… or Are They?

Analyze proportional relationships and use them to solve real-world and mathematical problems. Students will justify and explain if two given quantities are proportional.


Too Many Twos!

Students will correctly use the frequently confused words to/too/two.


Opposites Attract!

Students will deepen their understanding of current vocabulary terms by exploring antonyms.


Step-By-Step Solve It

Students will explain the solution of multi-step word problems using the 4 operations.


Same but Different

Students will learn about homographs and create their own comics to illustrate common homographs.


The Incan Defeat

Students will develop an understanding of how the Incas interacted with the Spanish Conquistadors.


Prove It!

Students will learn to support a point of view.


Would You Rather?

Play a game of Would You Rather with your students to make writing opinion texts even more fun than it already is with Pixton!


Rights & Responsibilities

Students will be able to distinguish between protected rights and responsibilities as members of their community/state/country.


State Your Case!

Students will create a comic expressing an opinion with reasons to support the opinion.


The Mighty Power of 10

In this lesson, students will explain the pattern of the number of zeros of the product when multiplying by powers of 10. Students will recognize that powers of 10 are represented as 10 with an exponent.


Innovation Starts With Us

Students will explore different inventions and innovations during the Industrialization era and the role of these inventions in their state and/or United States.


Gratitude Journal

Students will create a comic journal documenting what they’re grateful for.


Verb Tenses

Students will work on using present, past, and future tenses with appropriate time markers when speaking and writing.


Visible Connections

Students will make connections between fictional texts by creating a visual presentation.


Calling All Superheroes!

Students will brainstorm and create a STEM superhero based on one of the components of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math). Students will craft a scenario/storyline for their superhero based on their traits and STEM area of expertise.


STEM Challenge Reflection

In this lesson, students can reflect after completing a STEM challenge to show their thought process and reflect upon the results.


I Declare

Students will read an informational text and practice using declarative statements to provide objective, factual information.


Silly Similes

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the use of similes by creating a comic.


Perseverance Power!

Students will create themselves as “Perseverance Superheroes” and find a quote that inspires them to never give up.


Thanks For The Tip

Students will use percentages in order to determine how much to tip while creating a fun, mathematical comic.


Details, Details!

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the main idea and details of a story by creating a comic.


Interpreting Graphs

Students will learn the basic parts of a graph in English and use simple sentences to explain its features. Students will use the information from the graph to draw conclusions.


Plural Nouns

Students will explore the rules of making nouns plural. Students will practice using the correct spelling of plural nouns.


Impact of Resources in a Region

Students will recognize and understand the impact resources have in the development and growth of their region, either locally or state-wide.

byron_power_of_yet_@3 (1)

The Power Of Yet!

Students will explore the power of “yet” and create a “Things We Can’t Do Yet!” comic strip.


Create a Procrastination Villain!

Students will learn to fight off procrastination and hone their writing skills by creating a “Procrastination Villain” comic.


Kindness Checklist

Students will practice kindness while completing a Kindness Comic Bingo Card.


Super Summaries!

Students will create a comic summarizing a text they have read in class.


Cause and Effect

Students will learn about cause and effect words and use them in their own writing.


Perfect Patterns

Students will create and explain their own number patterns and rules.



Students will recognize and explain the meaning of common idioms.


There You Go Again!

Students will correctly use frequently confused words there/their/they’re.


Sequencing Time and Events

Students will use correct sequence words to describe the order of events in a story when speaking and writing.


What Triggers Me?

Using comic scenarios, students will reflect on what triggers them and how to cope with those triggers.


STEM is Everywhere

In this lesson, students will choose a future career that interests them and create a STEM comic.



Students will learn and practice formal and informal phrases for greetings, making introductions, polite conversation and saying goodbye.


My Trust Team!

Students will illustrate avatar versions of people they trust and can confide in their lives.


Rewind Your Routine

Students will organize premade comics in the order that aligns with how they live their own morning routines.


Role of Women During WWII

Students will recognize and understand the impact women had on the developing identity of the United States as it emerged from WWII as a World Leader. 


Pattern Pair Play

Students will create a numerical pattern using a given rule and apply to generate ordered pairs. Students will explain the relationship between the numbers.


Ready, Set, Action!

Students will practice using action verbs to describe what is happening in the present tense.


Word Detectives

Students will practice using context clues to determine the meaning of an unknown word.


Factor Finder

In this lesson, students will learn about prime and composite numbers and their factors.


What's the Point of View?

Students will analyze how an author develops and contrasts points of views of characters in a text.


Cause and Effect

Students will make cause and effect connections between World War I and World War II.


Interpreter Needed!

Students will write their own equations using parentheses, brackets, and/or braces and explain the order of how to solve.


Flower Power Division

Students will solidify their understanding of division while creating a word problem comic.


Push / Pull Factors

Students will develop an understanding of the reasons why people leave their home and begin a new life in a new place.


Yes/No Questions

Students will practice asking and answering "yes" or "no” questions with the verb “do”.


America: The Melting Pot

Students will become familiar with the variety of  reasons different groups of people chose to leave their homes and start a new life in America.


Neolithic Revolution

Students will recognize and understand the impact agriculture had on culture and daily life of peoples living during the Neolithic Era.



Students will define and provide examples of nouns, identify various objects, use appropriate nouns while writing to bring clarity to the audience.


Summary Tweet & More!

Students will read an informational text article and determine the central ideas of the text.