How to Teach with Comics

Ideas for how educators can use comics and avatars in their classroom.

Recreating Stories

Recreate a scene from a book read in class to have students show their understanding of what took place. 

The Great Depression

Learn about the Great Depression and have students show their understanding of the downfall with comics.

First Day of a New School Year

Students will think about how they and others are feeling about the return to school. The comic prompts them to empathize with a number of feelings kids may have about returning to school, and consider how to be a good friend to their classmates.

Test Taking Strategies

Create a comic showing your understanding of different test taking strategies that you like to use!

Would You Rather?

Play a game of Would You Rather with your students to make learning even more fun than it already is with Pixton!

Healthy Relationships

Set your students up for life in and out of school by teaching them about healthy vs unhealthy relationships using Rethinking the Wild.

A Day In My Life

Create a comic that is either in present or past tense taking the reader through a typical day in your life.

Recycling Superheroes

Encourage students' imagination in creative writing and teach others to care about recycling with this lesson. 

Egyptian math comics pixton

Egyptian Math Mashup

Practice math skills and learn about Egyptian history at the same time with this exercise.

World Language Introductions

Practice introductions in the language you're teaching by having students read the comic you create, and then depict themselves answering the questions.

Story Writing Taking Over!

Creatively Planning Narratives (Stories) is an important part of being creative as students write. Story writing can be creative and important in amplifying student voices.

Panama Canal Debate

Practice your research and debate skills by creating a comic which explains your perspective on historic events.