Subject: Science

Lesson Length: 30 - 45 mins

Topic: Earth's Systems

Grade Level: 5, 6, 7, 8

Standards / Framework:

Brief Description: Students will demonstrate their understanding of the water (hydrologic) cycle by creating comics depicting and explaining each stage of the cycle.

Know Before You Start: It is helpful for students to be familiar with the following vocabulary: precipitation, evaporation, vaporizes, transpiration, condensation, runoff, cycle, clouds, drought, hydrologic.


  • Start by holding up a glass of water and asking students if anyone knows how old the water is.
  • After allowing them ample opportunity to answer, explain that the water is as old as Earth and that every drop of water on the planet is part of the water cycle.


  • In pairs or small groups, have students research the stages of the water cycle.
  • Using the sample comic as a guide, ask students to depict and describe how water moves from the ground to the atmosphere and back again. 


  • Set up a gallery walk so that students can view and discuss the comics.


  • Allow students to use the speech-to-text feature.
  • Allow students to use the voiceover feature to read their comics aloud.
  • Provide a diagram of the water cycle.


Suggested Content Packs:

Suggested Story Starters: