Subject: World Languages

Lesson Length: 30 - 45 mins

Topic: Interviews

Grade Level: 10, 7, 8, 9


World Languages

Brief Description: Students will practice the skills being learned in class by creating I-statements in the language being learned.

Know Before You Start:

  • This lesson provides a great opportunity to practice communicating with a classmate.

  • The sample comic is geared towards a Spanish class, but this lesson may be done in any language.


  • Pretend that you are a talk show host. Call students “on stage” to be interviewed. Ask questions such as: What is your name? What are you like? Who is your best friend? 

  • Read and discuss the sample comic (Spanish class only)

  • Have students pair up with a partner and interview each other.

Activity: Have students create a comic. The comic should include:

  • Their name
  • What they are like
  • Their partner’s name.
  • What their partner is like.

Closure: Share student comics aloud with the class.


  • Students can work independently, in groups, or with a partner.

  • Allow students to use speech-to-text feature as needed.

  • Provide printout of the sample comic for student reference.

Resources: Comic to print or display: Student Interview.

Suggested Content Pack(s):