Safe Actions in Tricky Situations

Subject: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

Lesson Length: 30 - 40 mins

Topic: Digital Citizenship

Grade Level: 4, 5

Standards / Framework:

Brief Description: In this lesson, students will explain how they can make a safe choice when faced with a tricky situation online.

Know Before You Start: This lesson offers a great springboard to familiarize students with ways to stay safe online.


  • Read and discuss the sample comic.
    • What was wrong and dangerous about what the character did when faced with a tricky situation?
  • Brainstorm ways to stay safe online.


  • Have students create a two-to-three-panel comic showing what the character should have done when faced with that tricky situation.


  • Have students share their comics with the class or in small groups.


  • Allow students to use the speech-to-text feature.
  • Allow students to use the voiceover feature to read their comics aloud.
  • Allow students to work in pairs or groups as needed.


  • Comic to print or display

Suggested Content Packs: