Digital Citizenship: Find the Good

Subject: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

Lesson Length: 30 - 40 mins

Topic: Digital Citizenship

Grade Level: 4, 5

Standards / Framework:

Brief Description: In this lesson, students will describe a beneficial way to utilize the Internet and/or social media that impacts the greater good.

Know Before You Start: It helps for students to be familiar with different ways the internet is used.


  • Read and discuss the sample comic.
    • How can technology be used to help others?
    • How can the internet or social media be used to impact our community for good?


  • Using the sample comic as a guide, have students create a two-to-three-panel comic explaining how they can use the Internet or social media in a way that benefits their community e.g., spread messages of positivity or kindness, an environmental campaign, charitable work, etc.


  • Have students share and discuss their comics with the class or in pairs.


  • Allow students to use the speech-to-text feature.
  • Allow students to use the voiceover feature to read their comics aloud.
  • Allow students to work in pairs or groups as needed.
  • Provide sentence frames as needed.


  • Comic to print or display

Suggested Content Packs: