Estudiante nueva - Leer/Escribir

After learning how to greet people in target language, students could read this sample conversation and then make their own.

new student Spanish lesson exemplar comic panel 1 new student Spanish lesson exemplar comic panel 2 new student Spanish lesson exemplar comic panel 3

Class instructions: After practicing how to greet classmates, read this conversation between a teacher and student. Then answer the questions that follow to show what you understand. Then work independently or with a partner to create a comic (in Spanish) in which you introduce yourself to the student in the sample comic. Be sure to have each character use a greeting and a question. Feel free to change the setting of the comic and think how that might change the conversation.

Teacher instructions: This simple comic can be used in a variety of ways. It could be given as a sample as students are learning greetings/introductions. It could be a reading and students could answer questions (Do the student and teacher know each other well? What greetings are used in this comic?) to show comprehension. It could also be used as an exemplar for student who are ready to create their own conversations. Challenge students by asking them to change the scenario (include multiple students, change the setting, make the facial expressions match the conversation, etc). Another option is to have students read the parts in the comic. The comic could grow throughout a unit or term as students learn more skills. The possibilities are endless!