Brooke D'Entremont

Lesson Ideas
from Brooke D'Entremont

My name is Brooke D’Entremont. I have been teaching Spanish for 16 years, the past 7 at a middle school in New Hampshire. My goal for the past several years has been to transition from more traditional teaching methods to Comprehensible Input. Teaching through the pandemic was certainly a challenge, but it forced me to rethink everything I do and introduced me to many new resources. Pixton is one discovery that I learned about from a teacher who was using it with her 4th grade class. I immediately saw potential for using Pixton with my 5th grade Exploratory Spanish class and hope to use with more classes this year.

Meeting a New Student - Greetings

After learning how to greet people the language being taught, students will read a sample conversation comic and make a Greetings comic of their own.